Cuban Catholic Ceremony Customs

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Relationship is revered as a spiritual occasion across nations. It unites populations and households. In order to make the ceremony and celebration yet more exclusive, numerous cultures have created a variety of cultures.

Cuba is n’t an exception. Although the nation had a long history of Catholicism, union festivities have frequently been civil ceremonies followed by luxurious receptions since the 1959 revolution. But as more people choose to get married in a religious ceremony today, the temple has reclaimed its significance in many ways. The marriage festivities are frequently lavish and are accompanied by dancing and live music.

With the assistance of family and friends, the bride and groom typically travel to the service blog by foot or by car in a corolla. As they make their way to the stadium, they will be applauded and wished properly in their upcoming relationships.

The money waltz is a well-known custom in which guests either pin money to the bride’s gown or place it in the case held by the man. Christianity has an impact on this custom, which represents the groom’s commitment to provide for his fresh woman materially. The bride receives 13 golden cash as part of another preceremony custom, which she keeps in her right foot as a constant reminder.

The misa de fianza, or “marriage blessing,” is a tradition that is frequently performed during the bridal service and in which guests are asked to bestow their blessings. Families on both sides of the family can now wish the couple the best of luck.

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